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The MaintenanceMinder Daily Weigh-in Journal

Daily Weigh-in Journal

A One Year Diary For Maintaining Weight Loss Success

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In just moments a day
you can keep your weight
from ever getting out
of control again!


Morning Weight
Time of Weigh-in
Brief plan for the day
End-of-day diet &
Exercise recap
Weekly self review
Detailed notes
(in part II)


(Pictured above) The heart of the MaintenanceMinder...Two pages contain an
entire week of targeted journaling. There are additional pages for more detailed notes.

Spiral-bound, 192 pages, leatherette cover in brown or ivory, 8½” x 6”. Other sections include
Common Food Counts, My Fit Self stats, photos pages, thought-provoking quotes, Ways to
Measure Weight, vinyl pocket page & more!



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a MaintenanceMinder Personal Health Journal?
The MaintenanceMinder is a one-year diary for tracking daily weight as well as for keeping tabs on eating and exercise habits. It’s partly a traditional diary because it also contains lined pages for writing about activities, feelings, or other comments.

2. Who can use the MaintenanceMinder?
This journal is for “losers” only! In other words, it’s for those who have reached their weight loss goals and want to avoid regaining the weight they’ve already lost. It is not a food diary, it is not an exercise plan, and it is not complicated!

3. What are the benefits of using a MaintenanceMinder?
You’ll immediately be aware when unwanted pounds return.
You’ll be able to react promptly and do what it takes to quickly get rid of minor weight gain.
You’ll never forget the importance of proper diet and exercise.
You’ll be able to vent about your triumphs, setbacks, and other emotions.
You’ll need just one size wardrobe.
You’ll keep that “I look great” feeling for years to come!

4. What are special features of the MaintenanceMinder?
Simple daily format takes just seconds a day to fill out, yet keeps you attentive.
Lined note pages contain fun and thought-provoking quotations.
Leatherette cover in brown or ivory; spiral binding for easy writing
Good for a full year but not it can be used any time.
Food count listings for handy reference
Vinyl pocket page holds articles, receipts, cards, etc.
To purchase direct from the publisher: $15.95 + $4.95 shipping. Quantity discounts available

ISBN# 97809637968-6-8