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The HealthMinder, by MemoryMinder Journals

Personal Wellness Journal
"A Health Diary and Symptoms Log"

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Use daily or simply on days you experience a change in conditions

Vitamins & herbs
Daily meals
Nutrition counts
Pain or discomfort
Pollen Counts
Skin changes
Blood pressure
Sugar levels
Sleep habits
Head-to-toe symptoms
Even the weather!

(Pictured above) The heart of the HealthMinder...
two-page sets for 3 months' worth of daily entries

Spiral-bound • 224 pages • Leatherette cover • 8½” X 6”
Additional sections for Medical History, Test Results,
Purchases, Notes and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a HealthMinder Personal Health Journal?
The HealthMinder is an easy-to-use "checklist format" health diary. It provides an organized and accurate way to track vitamins, herbs, medications, diet, exercise, symptoms, progress, and all the other factors that make up your personal health picture (even the weather!). It can be used daily, weekly, or as often as you wish!

2. Who can use the HealthMinder?
Anyone who has a desire to take an active and responsible role in their own health matters will benefit from using the HealthMinder. It is not designed for one particular condition, but for any and all conditions that affect health and well-being. HealthMinder users include:
Health enthusiasts who are dedicated to a healthy life-style through the use of vitamins, herbs, diet, exercise, and other health regimens.
People with special health concerns such as allergies, arthritis, lupus, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hard-to-diagnose illnesses, disabilities, or any other chronic conditions.
Teachers and students who wish to better understand and monitor daily health.
People who have had surgery or been injured and who wish to monitor recovery or track progress for legal or insurance purposes.
Care-givers who are responsible for the care or supervision of others.

3. What are the benefits of using the HealthMinder?
You'll feel a new sense of control...Become more aware of your body's needs and responses; discover patterns you may have overlooked.
Stay more focused...Writing things down will encourage good habits.
Give your doctor better feedback...You'll be able to report the details you would ordinarily have forgotten when you go for your doctor appointments or annual physical.
See exactly how much you have improved...Monitor your progress or recovery in black and white and see the results of your efforts!
Experience a "worry break"...Once you write down your symptoms and concerns, you can put them aside to review at a later time. This can be a welcomed mental relief!
The information you need will be at your fingertips...Recorded data is organized and easy to review whenever needed.

4. What special features does the HealthMinder have?
Easy-to-use checklist format for quick and accurate recordkeeping
Spiral binding for ease when writing and convenient size (8.5"x 6") for home or travel
Attractive leatherette cover available in Red or Navy
Handy vinyl pocket to hold appointment cards, receipts, etc.
224 pages including special sections for recording Test Results, Medical History, Pharmacy Information, Notes and Questions, Health Purchases and more!

5. Where can the HealthMinder be purchased?
The HealthMinder is available in many retail stores. It can also be special-ordered at reputable bookstores.
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